Welcome to my literary blog, where you can spen d your happy holidays and watch the snowflakes fall around m y blog…even if you’re in Nigeria!

It’s all about new writing – writing, writing, and writing!

A young Nigerian poet and writer , I’m Senator Ihenyen. I started <a professional writing in 2006. Poetry remains my first love. You can read and enjoypoems mainly from my published collection, Colourless Rainbow , and works in progress such as“Stranger in the Mirror of My Life and Other Poems” , the tentative title of my poetry on HIV/AIDS.

And I love feedback so much, I created a special page for some of the comments on my works in the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! You can follow my Timeline right here!

Perhaps, I’ve shown you around enough already! Just relax and make yourself a home!


One thought on “Welcome

  1. SIR, i am also an ardent lover of poetry and have some works longing for publication. please,how can i be a member of this esteem group.

Thanks for visiting my blog! You can be sure I'll get back to you in no time. You're always welcome around here! Senator Ihenyen Author

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