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Welcome to Timeline, my news page fresh from the pages of events surrounding my writing, my book and the literary life!

Recently, I hooked up with a Lagos-based editor to get my first manuscript of poetry, Colourless Rainbow, edited. I strongly hope to eventually get a good publisher for what will be my first volume of poems, having worked hard to get my poetry introduced to readers through the years. I have in the past months been very involved with the process, developing the essential author-editor relationship. I’ll keep you all posted, as always!

I spoke with my editor and publisher, fondly called Foot in the literary industry in Nigeria. In the New Year, we are going to be working closely on packaging Colourless Rainbow: The Poetry of My Childhood, to be entered into the prestigious NLNG Prize for Literature in the poetry category later next year, 2009! Posted December 21, 2008.

According to Gabriel Okara, a prominent Nigerian poet, ‘a year is dead’, with 2008 gone. In the new year, 2009, I greatly look forward to what I call the ‘output’. By this I mean it’s high time my input for the past years, especially in 2008, started being projected. And what better projection can one possibly ask for than getting one’s first book published. This year, I remain committed to finally publishing Colourless Rainbow: The Poetry of My Childhood this first quarter of the year, with Coast2Coast, Lagos. I hope to make the best out of this. WATCH OUT for updates! Posted Jan 2, 2008

…Okey Okpa, editor, critic and publisher of Coast2Coast, fondly called Foot, whom I’ve been closely working with since he started editing my poetry manuscript, Colourless Rainbow, is late! Died on Christmas day in a Lagos hospital…shocking! It wasn’t until Jan. 2, 2009, that I discovered he had died in a hospital in Lagos… Posted Jan. 12, 2008.

…paid a tribute to my late editor at the National Theatre, Iganmu, Lagos. Met his lovely young and wonderful family. Foot, your indelible footprints still gleam on my manuscript, in my heart, on my path. You were and still the best! PostedJan. 18, 2009.

…the late Foot has been laid to rest today. May his soul rest in peace. Amen. Posted Jan. 24, 2009.

Odili Ojubuonu, the close friend and author (‘Pregnancy of the gods’ & ‘Treasures in the Wind’ to the late editor and critic, Okey Okpa, decided to start from where the late publisher of Coast2Coast stopped – to keep the publishing business going. I’m very happy about this. It is a great legacy he left behind, and that is what we must wish to keep alive. I’m glad this wish has come through. And I’m very proud of Odili Ojubuonu for the courage. Posted Jan. 31, 2008.

My first volume of poems, ‘Colourless Rainbow: Poetry of My Childhood’, is expected to be in the bookstands this year, forthcoming from Coast2Coast Publishing, Lagos. Posted March, 2009.

Having placed my volume of poetry, ‘Colourless Rainbow:Poetry of My Childhood’ in the hands of a good publisher, Coast2Coast, I’ve since been focusing my attention on what will be my second volume, ‘Ripples Across Lives’.

I actually completed the manuscript in 2006, but my publishing plan was to get my first work to the book-stand before it. This has however afforded me the time to revise the work every year since 2006. To contain just about 50 poems centred on HIV/AIDS, it has been my most challenging work given the need for research into the epidermic and finding a mode of expression that communicates with the targeted reader in a lucid and uncontrived manner, but without loosing my voice as a poet who enjoys his artistic creation. It is this quest for balance between theme and language, meaning and style, object and voice, that has been the challenge and the fun!

I realise that this project may take me more time but who says I’m in a hurry? Meanwhile, I will create a page for this project on my webblog, where you can get to read some of the poems in my draft. Posted September 26, 2009.

On December 1, World AIDS Day, I launched RIPPLES ACROS LIVES: Poetry Against HIV/AIDS, an awareness and sensitisation project on HIV/AIDS through poetry.

I am going to be writing over 50 poems on the epidermic treating such areas like its dangers, prevention and the experiences of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA). To be part of this project, all you need do is share your thoughts or experience on HIV/AIDS with me, the author, by posting it on my RIPPLES ACROSS LIVES: Poetry Against HIV/AIDS comments page or e-mail senatorihenyen@yahoo.co.uk. For more information, please visit http://www.senatorihenyen.wordpress.com/ripples-across-lives-poetry-against-hivaids/

Let your voice be heard today! Posted Nov. 30, 2009

Xmas & New Year in Benin!: I’d to stay back in Benin during xmas break to work on my manuscript, Complete Poetry. Lost two chapters to virus! Hope to be done in 4 wks! Jan 4, 2010

Metamorphoses Withdrawn
After extensive consultations and feedback from the literary community in Nigeria, I have decided to withdraw Metamorphoses, what was to be my writing, editing and publishing initiative.

After sampling opinions from writers, editors and publishers over the months, the facts and figures revealed that it may not be sustainable in the long-term. Since my first literary group, Apollo, went down over four years ago, I’ve been working on a more sustainable project.

To this end, based on this market survey, I intend to remodel the scheme in a way that would suit all the parties: writer, editor and publisher. Watch out! It’s going to be comprehensive.
Dec 13, 2010

Colourless Rainbow now published I am proud to announce that my first book, Colourless Rainbow, is now out, published by Coast2Coast. Coast2Coast is the Lagos-based publisher of the award-winning novels, Pregnancy of the gods and Treasure in the winds. Feb. 14, 2011.

On the Honourable Mention in the ANA 2011 literary prizesWell, given the nature of literary prizes anywhere in the world, I would say that the honourary recognition is not the most rewarding but significantly most encouraging for a first book!

On Driving My Book Better My engagement with my legal training has not afforded me much time to get involved in driving my book for over a year now. However, all that would change soon as strategies have been mapped out to improve publicity and sales significantly


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