The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

…experience the good, the bad and the ugly parts of the literary life!

No one ever said climbing the literary ladder was going to be smooth all the way. Not all the rungs one steps on lead to the way up, but that’s just what makes it fun, isn’t it?

This page has been created to project the various views that my readers, most of them also writers themselves, have about my works or myself as a writer. I will keep it as open as possible so that whatever your views are – good, bad or ugly, they will all be published here. Some of them may not directly be on my writing but just remarks writers are very capable of making, especially on literary forums! But with the realisation that what could be bad could be good in the long-run, or the good could turn out to be really ugly, I always encourage everyone to keep them coming…the good, the bad and the ugly! And to show just how much I encourage them, I have giving you your on voice! It will be periodically updated as more voices come in. It is a marketplace of voices!

‘I enjoyed reading these poems so very much. Each in their own way really touched my heart.’
A reader, African Writer

Excellent!! Heart-rending comparison and a pointed story well expressed…
A reader, Poetry Poem

‘Fantastic writing sir. Your writing mirrors my idea of poetry. Conciseness, imagery and of course, a strong and clear message. Godbless you sir!
A reader, African Writer

‘Beautiful lines, soulful and then fresh.’
Odili Ujubuonu, award-winning author,
Pregnancy of the Gods, and Treasures in the Wind.

Outstanding! You have a way with words. You give messages in your poetry. I enjoy your work. A reader, Poetry Poem

‘you are a talent i must confess. i am a writer too but was too thrilled by your write-ups. Thumbs up!’ A reader, African Writer

‘Senator sir, I doff my hat. You are good. Very.’ Late Okey Okpa (Foot),Nigerian Editor and Critic

‘As i read your poetry, i see you as one of the new writers taking the Nigerian literary scene by storm in the near future…if you keep writing like this. Great artistic style! When are you going to be published in your own volume?’ A reader, African Writer

‘I have gone through some of your poems and i must confess that they are all the work of a genius.’
Donny Kingsley Okoh, a Nigerian writer, author of ‘Unsung Sung’, won an award in Las Vegas in July 2008 as the 2nd best poet and the best Black poet of the year

‘All things being equal I like the prophetic nature of your poems. Their simplicity and ambition to be understood. Take away words that we have seen before and your dreams will come through.’ Cletus Nwadike, a Swedish-based Nigerian writer.

‘Those are really good poems…the imagery is excellent, I could almost see the child crying in the rain. You’ve arrived, keep it up!’ Chinelo Ibekwe

Like Achebe would say of Adichie,this
poet came to humanity complete,and
with an urgent message too!
Agoha Chikaoha

The voices I hear in these poems are
deep and uplifting! I can’t wait to get (to)
make the book my companion when it
is out eventually! I’m HIV + with a high
viral load but i’ve hope.


2 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

  1. Great to know that, especially coming from a writer, poet and philosopher! Thank you so much. Please, do visit again as more posts would be added soon!

  2. You are a good writer. I see you as a young man with great dreams. Keep the spirit alive.
    Richmond E. Idaeho-writer,poet, and philosopher.

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