Now Out: My New Book, Stranger in the Mirror of My Life, is now out!

Poems for Everyone Affected by HIV/AIDS

Poems for Everyone Affected by HIV/AIDS

Yes, finally, ahead of World Aids Day on December 1 this year, my new collection of poems – Stranger in the Mirror of My Life – predominantly centred on HIV/AIDS is now out!

Below is a brief description of the book in my online bookstore:

Stranger in the Mirror of My Life contains poems for everyone affected by HIV/AIDS around the world. In this collection, you will hear your own voice, feel your own tears. But beyond these, HIV positive or negative, you will discover that mirror, helping you rediscover life, hope and dreams in ways profound.

Senator Ihenyen holds the view that with regards to the HIV/AIDS scourge, the cure that the world seeks is hidden in the heart of mankind and that cure is love. Stranger in the Mirror of My Life is a clarion call to the human race for compassion and empathy in dealing with the epidemic facing humanity.
History, the contemporary reality and the vision of an HIV-free generation is the overriding interest of this collection. Stranger in the Mirror of My Life can be described as a moving compendium and a companion for all people living with HIV and the rest of the world.”

To buy the ePub format of the collection of poems, simply click here! It’s $3.75

The ebook is now also available to readers locally at YSG ebookstore in Nigeria for the list price of 500 naira only (but now selling 474 naira 5% slash!)

This book is specially dedicated to all the people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa and around the world.


Ready for Release: Stranger in the Mirror of My Life: Poems for Everyone Affected by HIV/AIDS by Senator Ihenyen


Stranger in the Mirror of My Life: Poems for Everyone Affected by HIV/AIDS is now out! To buy the book, simply click the linked title above, or go to the online bookstore directly!

Red Ribbon

“Stranger in the Mirror of My Life” is an attempt to capture essentially the socio-psychological colourations, factors and effects of living with HIV/AIDS, and how they affect the way we live – whether positive or negative. I’m literally putting the mirror before the faces of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) to help them see the man in the mirror and say:

“I’m HIV positive. I’m no stranger to myself. I’m no stranger to the world. This is my body. This is my life. And I’m in charge!”

The words above is the opening lines in the preface of my forthcoming collection of poems on HIV/AIDS, “Stranger in the Mirror”. It is now finally ready for release this month – ahead of this year’s World AIDS Day.

Stranger in the Mirror of My Life: Poems for Everyone Affected by HIV/AIDS is going to be available on as an ebook.

If you had love to be the first to know as soon as the new collection of poems is released this month, you can simply indicate by filling the form below, with a message. I will be happy to send you a link on how to get the book as soon as it is released.

Let me use this medium to thank everyone – family, friends, fans and followers – for all the inspiring words and encouragement all over the years since I started this Poetry on HIV/AIDS project! It is specially dedicated to everyone living with HIV/AIDS.

You’ve been waiting for this a long time…here it is now…at your fingertips in just a few days from now! Please help me share this post with your contacts. This ebook is for everyone.

Senator Ihenyen
Author, Stranger in the Mirror of My Life: Poems for Everyone Affected by HIV/AIDS

New Book on HIV/AIDS Poetry Now Ready for Release!

“Stranger in the Mirror of My Life and Other Pieces“, a volume of poetry centred on HIV/AIDS has been successfully completed. The project which I started in 2005 on the HIV/AIDS pandemic will be ready for release in the second quarter of this year in ebook format.

Published by
Metamorphoses Publishing, “Shadow in the Mirror of My Life and Other Pieces“ is going to be first available for sale in Nigeria from my blog, in the early part of the second quarter of the year. Worldwide ebook distribution on all the major ebook stores like Amazon Kindle, Apple iBookstoresf, Nook and Kobo will be in place in the second quarter of the year.

For all my fans, followers and friends who have been expressing interest in getting the ebook, please simply subscribe to my blog now. You‘ll be the first to know immediately it is released.

And if you are a book blogger or literary journalist, and would like to have a free review copy of “Shadow in the Mirror of My Life and Other Pieces“, you‘re welcome to contact me! Just visit my contact page and let me know how you would like to receive your free review copy.

Coming after two years of releasing “Colourless Rainbow“ from the stables of Coast2Coast, Lagos, I must say I‘m very excited about this new work. As a new writer in a challenging genre, the reception I‘ve enjoyed from the readers of “Colourless Rainbow“ has been very encouraging! But given the international dimension of my experiences over the years in my research in HIV/AIDS and the versification of these experiences, I must say that I greatly look forward to putting this new book in your hands.

“Shadow in the Mirror of My Life and Other Pieces“ predominantly represents the faces behind the figures, the voices behind the silence, the shadow in the mirror of our lives in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

My new book is not a cure for AIDS, but hopefully, its pages are mirrors through which we can see the stranger inside and re-enchant ourselves in someway.

Dedicated to PLWHA out there!

Like the Very First Day at the Railway Crossroad

Whenever I look into your eyes

I discover how long you’ve been staring silently at me

From your sickbed

As I sat beside you seeming

lost in empty space

with your right hand clasped into mine

I could tell what worries weighed you down

What hopelessness held your heart

In this haze of uncertainties,

wondering if the hand you now hold so tightly

would ever let go.

How can I ever forget you in this moment of your life

When I cannot stop remembering what you mean to me?

As incurable as the virus holding your other hand

My love for you holds on to the other

And beyond this, hold on to your heart

To give life the meaning we have both known over the years

Together in the bliss of life’s beauty

Hidden in hate, but visible in love.

If this is not more than a disease,

Let our love be the vaccine fighting it off together

Giving us the chance to rediscover the treasures

And cherish every moment from now in the coming re-enchantment

Such re-enchantment like falling in love with you, Elizabeth

All over again like the very first time

When two strangers met at the crossroad along the railway

but hand-in-hand

we got to the other side as lovers

and have never looked back, just like trains never go backwards.

“I love you, Lizzy”, I whispered to her.

We’re in this train together,

Because watching you leave

while I wave goodbye with tear-filled smiles from the train station

is only one choice.

But who needs one choice to live

When many times the colours of your love

Paint rainbow of choices on the canvass of our lives
Giving life more meaning
in moments too memorable to forget,
“I love you too, sweetheart.”

And her smiles burst into a soft-sounding chuckle
Like the very first day at the railway crossroad.

A Conversation with AIDS on My Dying Bed

Especially for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), an attempt is made here to capture the thoughts of an HIV/AIDS positive person, and how AIDS, as if human, responds to these thoughts in the second stanza. This is one of the poems in a work in progress, Stranger in the Mirror and Other Poems. I hope you have a good read and keep the comments coming!

A Conversation with AIDS on My Dying Bed

On my dying bed

Tear-filled eyes, feverish face seared with sores,

staring into space, traveling in time

mirrors of emptiness in the eyes, groans of regrets under my breath

pleasures of the past and pains of the present taunting the mind.

Emptiness, regrets, loneliness,

So endless

limitless and boundless like time and space.

Pain so deep inside like a stab in the heart!

All the life, all the love, all the treasures

Fading like a dream walking away from your sleep

Neither here, nor there; too slippery to hold

Chasing and chasing but never catching up, gasping for breath,

But never getting anywhere

Sweating in bed until you scream the nightmare out of your sleep:

“AIDS! Why me? Why me? Why me?!

I know you are in here

Right here in this ward watching me on my dying bed

Watching another victim say his last prayer.”

Victimisation is not of me,

I make victim of no man, a virus is what I am.

You are man, victim of man himself, not of my world

But of the world of man infected with viruses of vices and virulent prejudice

Walls of discrimination, arch of hate, wars without wisdom

Choices blinded by the narrow desires of man

Victim of man’s inhumanity to man

And this compass

from the point of progression

In this cycle of hunger for power, madness for money and sex

Returns to the point of termination –

Where no food on the table, no job for the man, no shelter for the mother,

no doctor for the sick child, no chance to dream between the pages

of a book for the girl-child, a life of strife

Poverty and diseases, third-world ambitions

of your rulers still ravaging the

world for more and more

This is your story, not mine

And the rest is history, and so you will.

HIV/AIDS Poems: The Poetry of Senator Ihenyen, Nigerian Poet and Writer


Stranger in the Mirror of My Life: Poems for Everyone Affected by HIV/AIDS is now out! To buy the book, simply click the linked title above, or go to the online bookstore directly!


…with over half of the collection of poems on HIV/AIDS completed, ‘Stranger in the Mirror and Other Poems’ promises to be an engaging piece…

‘Stranger in the Mirror and Other Poems’
, a work in progress by Senator Ihenyen, the author of ‘Colourless Rainbow’ has been described by him as his “most creatively challenging and engaging work yet!” In the next few months as we approach December 1, the World AIDS Day, you will continue to be updated on the progress being made on the work.

According to the Nigerian author, one great challenging and engaging task is attempting to strike an appealing balance between the art in the poetry and the heart of the message!”

While work is in progress, some of the poems in the proposed ‘Stranger in the Mirror and Other Poems’ would be posted on this blog! Meanwhile, published below are few of the completed pieces. Some of them have been published by the author on the Internet. They represent the voices behind the silence, the faces behind the figures, the feelings behind the facts. The hope and despair, love and hate, acceptance and discrimination. These poems are voices against HIV/AIDS, fighting with their lives not to become or remain a stranger in the mirror of their own very lives.

Senator Ihenyen, the author is always happy to hear from you! Your comments and feedback would be gladly received!Keep them coming.


Stranger in the Mirror
of My Life

Before me is a mirror
a mirror beside my bed
away from the sun
burning brightly outside the window-blinds
in my darksome room.

For a moment
before the mirror
I stand to see the face of the victim
whose result returned a death sentence
after a test,
and another test, and yet another
but they kept coming back
one and the same
like the torrent of tears that keep returning to your eyes
when the heart remains wet with worries

Wavering worries of ones life walking away from the door,
as the wall clock thicks unrestrained, untouched, unconcerned,
like the footsteps of the world moving on,
unaffected, unmoved, unstirred.

In the mirror
I found a face
a certain face too afraid to look at me.
The face of a stranger –
a strange face sketched in the shadows of my unlit room
against the fiery fingers of the sun flicking the window-blinds on a fateful morning
to irradiate my day.

I know this face hiding in the mirror isn’t me –
It couldn’t be me!
I look straight into her eyes,
and it was then she looked back at me –
Petrified, she crept back into the closet of her life.

I walk slowly and gently towards her,
and the stranger suddenly steps closer and closer towards me.
And when my feet froze on the floor
Upon the freezing fear that gripped me,
the stranger in the mirror suddenly startles – faint-hearted, intimidated

this stranger is not me
No, not me!
She is just a shadow –
the shadow of someone too locked-up in her closet to open up to me.
She is a stranger too steeped in shame to stand up to herself
and say:

“I’m Hannah,
I’m HIV positive-
but see how beautiful life could be
when I open the window-blinds in my heart
and let the rays of the sun
overshadow the stranger in the mirror of my life.”


We are the Victims

We are the victims

not of an invincible virus

hunting the blood of man

We are the victims

not of a dangerous disease

unleashing death on us

We are the victims

not of HIV/AIDS

wiping mankind from the face of earth

like ripples of death spreading across lives.

We are the victims

Victims of the virulent virus

Victims of the violent virus unleashed from the diseased heart

of this infected world we live in.

Victims of a world

too prejudiced to see

that we are the victims

and they, our virus

A Fallen Victim

I still remember

Still remember very fondly

How at the river flowing with the current of our childhood

The sun greets us with splendid smiles on her waking lips.

But it is all strange now,

Like the earth at dawn with early earthworms at our feet.

It is really so strange now,

Like the rivers inside me flowing backwards

Reading your epitaph on this wet memorial.

And I still fondly remember your deep dimples

That like ripples upon the shimmering smiles of waters

Wake on your lively lips. Just a year ago

I was beside the shadow of what you use to be

When you showed me pictures I’d never seen before.

In those dying eyes of yours

I’d seen piercing pictures of what tomorrow must bring back to us

After today leaves us. Those ribbon of flowers by your graveside

Red with the infected blood that ravaged you

Is your bed your place of rest

For the little child that once smiled the sun with me

At the river of life around hues of hope

Now fed upon by earthworms


Is It Because…

…you did not kiss my hand

like you use to

when with so much love in my eyes

I held it up to your lips

beaming with the crystals in my heart –

Is it because I now have HIV?

When you poured the red wine into the glasses

you did not hold yours to my waiting lips

like you use to

so that as transparent as the two glasses

we could see the colours in our hearts –

Is it because I now have HIV

or you never really loved me?


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