Welcome to the poetry page of Senator Ihenyen’s webblog! According to the young Nigerian poet who wrote his first poem at the age of fourteen about the sight of a rainbow in the clouds, ‘poetry is a rainbow of beauty, emotions and thoughts painted with the colours of imagery, appealing sounds and patterns; only those who open their senses with the aid of imagination can find it just as the poet experienced it.’ Reading through some the writer’s poems, selected from his forthcoming volume of poetry, Colourless Rainbow: Poetry of My Childhood, from the Lagos-based Coast2Coast Publishing, reveals this in a refreshing manner. Discover this yourself as you journey through the lines of Senator Ihenyen’s poetry.

Apart from the forthcoming debut collection with over a hundred interconnected poems, the ‘Senator without a constituency’, (Amanda Akpuda, Independent Newspapers) has also been working on a HIV/AIDS centred volume of poetry. He wrote ‘Ripples Across Ripples’, his first poem on the scourge after listening to a sensitisation talk on TV on December 1, 2005, World Aids Day. The Lagos-born writer whom Juliet Bumah, the Art Editor of Daily Times of Nigeria, had quoted back in September 2005 as one who had always had the ‘childlike innocence of changing the world’ has since started putting what would be his second volume of poems together. The collection, titled ‘Ripples Across Lives’, is to contain over 50 poems. As promised by the author, a new page, Ripples Across Lives: Poetry Against HIV/AIDS was created on December 1, 2009, specially dedicated to this project! Get involved and let your voice be heard today!

He worked closely with arguably one of the best editors in Nigeria, Okey Okpa (fondly called Foot), who passed away in December 2008 at a time the respected critic was working on publishing and entering ‘Colourless Rainbow: Poetry of My Childhood’ into the Nigeria Prize for Literature 2009.

Always feel free to send your comments and feedback, as the writer is always happy to receive and reply to them all! Rediscover for yourself a growing voice in Nigerian poetry.



2 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. I must confess that you are a good poet. Your book titled ‘Colourless Rainbow’ has in no small way inspired me to become a poet.

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