Shot and designed by the writer, it is a zoom-in view of the author with digital effect.
Senator Ihenyen’s first love is the highly imaginative genre of poetry. However, he has also been trying his hands in short fiction, without compromising the place of his first love. One of the things the growing writer has come to find deeply fascinating with poetry is its economy of words and the element of imagery that drives it. And this is not so far from short stories as well.

The short story writer has a unique vision of the world which he strongly wants to impress on the reader’s mind.
With subject-matter and theme, characterisation and setting, all created with language, Senator Ihenyen hopes to portray the experiences of life in an imaginative way.

The short stories you will find here are stories from the pages of our daily humans lives. They mirror our love and our hate, our hope and our despair, our courage and our fears. Enjoy them, and don’t forget to send your comments and feedback on the stories!


Thanks for visiting my blog! You can be sure I'll get back to you in no time. You're always welcome around here! Senator Ihenyen Author

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