Why is “Colourless Rainbow” sub-titled “Poetry of My Childhood? – a Keen Reader

Have you ever wondered why my debut book, “Colourless Rainbow” is sub-titled “Poetry of My Childhood”? Well, one keen reader did and this is how he puts it in a message I received recently which I just discovered in my spam mail:

“The sub-title is a curious one. Although one of the seven movements in the collection, “Camouflage” did predominantly portray the oppression and suppression of freedom in the military era, precisely June 12, 1993′ when I believe you were still much of a child, I sense there could be something more. The collection also didn’t tell us about your childhood really. In my opinion, perhaps it is your childhood inclination to the rainbow in contrast to the blood; two symbols you used repetitively to create some kind of unity.”

“Perhaps, it’s that childish innocence in what you feel the world ought to be; or perhaps, it is the excessive love children have for imageries which colour your poetry. Or, alternatively or complementarily, to take my last shot at unravelling why you have used this sub-title, it is truly the poetry of your childhood since, according to the preface, you wrote a number of poems in the collection in your teenage and early youthful years.”

“Flowing from my last guess, should we then be expecting the poetry of your youth soon? Is that what we should expect from your forthcoming second collection of poems, “Stranger in the Mirror of My Life and Other Pieces”?”

“Don’t mind my curiosity. I have read some selected pieces from your forthcoming work on your blog, and I had a very good read. Mind if I share some of these pieces?”

What do you think?


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