“Poet of the Week” on WRR Poetry!


I was featured as the Poet of the Week by WRR Poetry (Words Rhythm and Rhyme) on Friday, July 5, 2013.

A poem of mine, “This is not a Poem” along with my bio was published on WRR’s webblog and social networking site on Facebook. The poem was selected from my published collection of poems, “Colourless Rainbow”.

To view the poem on WRR’s wordpress blog, please click here.

You can also visit WRR’s Facebook page to view it. Simply click here.

And I must warn you that the photograph of me which the Editor of WRR, KIS, chose to use in my author profile is an old one! If you have any doubt in your mind, you can always visit my author profile page to be sure! Believe me, you should…before marrying your little princess to a very old man!

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the featured piece. And please, drop your comments and be generous enough to share. Thanks!

Senator Ihenyen
Author, Colourless Rainbow


2 thoughts on ““Poet of the Week” on WRR Poetry!

  1. Hamaha aha aha aha a a a a handsome man never becomes ugly with age…they can still marry their little princesses to you…LOL..well done bto

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