Experience New and Exciting Writing and Changes this September!

September, 2012

To those who have been wondering why I’ve not been posting regularly, I’m happy to let you all know that all that is about to change! Of course, I haven’t stopped writing! My legal engagement at the Nigerian Law School since last October provided me little or no time or space to post and update my blog as much as I would’ve loved to! A big thanks to all my friends, fans, followers
who have stood by me all this time! Senator Ihenyen’s writing blog is back and better!

This month, I’ll be putting my first book, “Colourless Rainbow” to the spotlight some more. I’ll be giving out five free copies of my book to five lucky friends, fans or followers who best describe what “Colourless Rainbow” symbolises to them. In doing this, at least references should be made to two or more poems in the collection! It is called: What “Colourless Rainbow” means to me? Everyone is invited to participate. On 1st October, 2012, (Nigeria’s Independence Day) the five winners will be announced!

For those of you who love fresh poetry, I’ll be posting some new poems regularly. Mostly, these poems will be selected from a work in progress, now tentatively titled, “Stranger in the Mirror and Other Poems” (formerly “Ripples Across Ripples”). I started this project six years ago. With the interests it is catching worldwide, my blog has been ranking No. 4 on Google for years now for the keyword, “Poetry on HIV/AIDS”. Be a part of this initiative of fighting HIV/AIDS by talking about it and sharing your experiences. I strongly believe poetry provides a powerfully engaging and sustainable medium to get the message across. I’m bringing this red ribbon initiative under my pet project, I Have Found the Cure for HIV/AIDS

In June, 2012, I was interviewed by Umaisha, the Literary Editor of the New Nigerian Newspapers. It’s all about my literary life, my first book, Colourless Rainbow; and my second book in progress. Also some advise to younger poets and writers on writing and publishing; and lots more. Watch out for the interview this September in my posts!

Generally, to make the blog neater, easier for navigation and more relevant to you, I’ve deleted some pages. I’ve updated others, while also converting some old but great pages to posts.
In case you’ve been missing out on posts and activities on my blog, just click here to catch up fast!

Please, if there is any suggestion, observation or constructive criticism you’d like to make, I’ll be happy to hear from you!


Senator Ihenyen,


2 thoughts on “Experience New and Exciting Writing and Changes this September!

  1. Hello David, glad to have one big pal dropping by his buddie’s blog! Believe me, dropping the old tentative title “Ripples Across Lives” was a tough decision. However, with more extensive field research into HIV/AIDS, the decision was informed by the change in focus from HIV/AIDS as being largely the ripples of death and despair across our lives years back, to HIV/AIDS as it is today. “Stranger in the Mirror and Other Poems” attempts to capture essentially the socio-psychological colourations, factors and effects and how it affects humanity. I’m putting the mirror before the faces of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) to see the man in the mirror and say: I’m HIV positive, I’m no stranger to myself. I’m no stranger to the world. I’m no stranger to life. This is my body. This is my life. And I’m in charge!

  2. Good to know you’ve got some new stuff in stock for us. Please sir, I was particularly interested in that title Ripples Across Lives. I wondering it seems you dumped that!

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