Who Deflowered You?


Innocence sparked in my eyes
when I met you
naked along the silent stream
waking tides of love in my heart
coloured like an angel

under the spotless moonlight
we found a home in my heart
and in my hut, another.

Transfixed, I close my eyes,
Held out my lips of love to yours –

Blood it was that I kissed.

Slowly, silently,
I lay you down on my waiting mat
And lit the wick of our flesh with the fire of desire
But it was a bloodless night –
The last blood of innocence had dried out.

“My beloved –
Who deflowered you?”


2 thoughts on “Who Deflowered You?

  1. Interesting question, Cynthia! Well, most of the poems in my book, Colourless Rainbow have very symbolic meanings. This poem is one of them. Yes, it passes for a love poem, but from a symbolic perspective it also represents love for a nation, a greater idea which turns out the way unexpected. The poem is inspired by Leopold Senghor’s poems which personify Africa as a beautiful woman. As a contemporary African writer, “blood it was that I kissed”

  2. Dear Senator, as much as i try to understand this poem,one line seems to draw me back ” blood it was that i kissed” how come about that line if this poem is about two hungry lovers in hut?

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