Senator Speaks: Yet Another Strike (for “Boko Haram”)


To state that Nigeria today is facing one of the greatest security threats in her history is to make an understatement! Our nation has fast become a case study for local terrorism with an international dimension.

Security agencies have been overwhelmed. Government is clueless. Churches in the north have fast become death-traps to many, and even ivory towers are not an exception. Against this Boko Haram strangle-hold of the nation, Islamic leaders struggle to show that Islam is a religion of peace. We are at a crossroad.

Yet Another Strike (for “Boko Haram”)
they fight for a cause
a just cause they say
shedding blood
and shattering lives with bombs and bullets blasting from the rifles of their beliefs

taking lives of the innocent
to keep the soul of one man alive –
that man who was man alive
and became hero in death
and in the death of others, their god

blowing up our lives
the unity of a nation
into distintegration
like human bodies after the blasts in the churches on sunday morning, chrismas eve, chrismas day

now we keep watchnight for doomsday
like Thisday struck on that fateful day

they are ravaging the nation
like a virus
dreadful and deadly
and now like open sores after the explosions
the gateway of diseases give way to self-destruction, self-annihilation,

even a street dog has sometime
to lick its wounds
but would these attacks
afford this bleeding giant a moment nurse its wounds,

as yet another bomb explodes in Kano city
tearing more lives apart…

Senator Ihenyen (May, 2012)


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