Another September 11

(Last year, on September 1, 2010, I wrote a poem titled “Between September 11 and September 1” following Obama’s fulfilment of the promise that U.S. soldiers would finally begin to leave Iraq. Today, it is another September 11. Osama Bin Laden has been killed by US forces. However, it appears there are now many Osama Bin Ladens in the world. I have extended the previous poem and retitled it, “Another September 11”).

September 11…

that tragic turn

that changed the world

the terror that struck the Pentagon

and the ripples of fear that spread across our heart

when man and beast stood side by side

and no one could tell who was man

and no one could tell who was beast.

September 1…

with the bloody bullets from our gathering guns

with the merciless missiles from our American armoury

man went to war with the beast.

When the last gunshots were heard after years of yearning

one left the land of the other

leaving behind blood and tears

shrouds of hate and love, flags of
hope and despair

and no one could tell who was man

and no one could tell who was beast.

And after a deadly decade of
haunting Osama

Obama makes a hero out of a virulent villain,

When in Pakistan bullets found the target
And far in the dead sea the body is buried.
But who would have known
That the villain
had become the hero
And the hero, the villain.


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