The Red Sea of Your Heart

With the fins of of your love
I dive into the ocean in your eyes
in search of the hidden treasures of your thoughts,
in search of the arrow in your heart

but the deeper I go
Closer and closer I draw to the dangers of drowning,
but my doubts remain above the neck of this strangulation
above the terror of your torture, the poison of your beauty.

Tell me, love
Is it the colourless sky of your presence
that has buried me in the grave of my wondering?
Like night and day, bat and butterfly,
We are so close, yet so far away
We are so close, yet so much apart
We are so close, your ugliness terrifies my being,
And my beauty fascinates your beinglessness!

If this is called love,
let me become finless in your world
but grow wings to fly towards that place
above the sky of this Red sea of your heart
for I’m dead to you
just as you live in the death
I now bring to you with love!

Senator Ihenyen


4 thoughts on “The Red Sea of Your Heart

  1. I love how this piece treated the theme of love with freshness. This poem will go place and also stand the test of time. Congratulation. I will read again and again. Is the “live” in the second line of the last stanza not suppose to be “life”?

    • Hello Emmanuel Samson,

      Thanks for your comment on one of my poems, The Red Sea of My Heart. I’m glad to know you find it a timeless piece. Yes, “you live” was meant, not “you are live”, nor “life” as you suggested. I’ve corrected the typo now. Thanks!

      On Tue Feb 8th, 2011 4:14 PM GMT

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