At First Sight (to Tes)

I never belived in love at first sight
But when I set my eyes on her from the one-storey height
I dashed down the stairs to know if I’d been right
But she had walked far down the red-clayed street,
And I felt my heart boil with some heat,
As I wandered and wondered if again we would meet.

A moment later she was walking pass again,
And I was glad my waiting was not in vain
As I’d felt my heart all day hanging on in pain.
She was on the phone as I gently walked beside her in patience,
A faint smile in my eyes in the sunny ambience,
‘You’re stupid’, said she as I shrank with sudden inconvenience.

‘Me?’ I asked calmly as I smiled and watched in disbelief,
‘Sorry, not you’, she replied as smiles rose on her flowery face giving me relief,
And quickly stole a closer look at her gleaming eyes like a daylight thief.

Moments later, too glad to know she didn’t mean pimple,
She told me her name and how much she loved my dimple,
Dazed, I told her it was the same with her low-cut hair as Tessy gave me a sweet soft chuckle.
It felt like we had known each other for long,
Waking inside me a strange fondness so strong,
And I heard my heartbeat gurgling like a gong.

She told me she would see me again that evening,
And I took her word without doubting,
Because I could see it in her eyes by just listening.
The study clock ticked towards 9:00 that night,
And I felt the wingless angel from space had gone in flight,
But her eyes were on my mind though out of sight.

I struck the match-stick against the match-box at last,
The candlelight revealed the red-inked case names I must cram fast,
If this coming exam I must face and blast.
One quiet knock at the door kept me wondering,
What my hostel mate, Charles, wanted that evening,
When I saw in front of me that eyes again glittering!

‘What-a-surprise! I-I-didn’t know u were still coming down’,
‘I promised I was going to come’, replied she, with those eyes making me love-drown,
As I asked her to come in like a visiting crown.
When after a fleeting hour of friendship that felt real and right,
At 9:38, I softly kissed her forehead goodnight,
As she took my heart away with her that night.

Day and night I craved and longed for her awake or asleep,
As I breathe without a heart inside my rips so deep,
Until thirty-seven days later, she gave her heart to me to keep.

(c)Senator Ihenyen 2010


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