Write poems and Instantly Get Comments!

Poetry Graffiti

the good, the bad and the ugly

Poetry Graffitithe good, the bad and the ugly!

Poetry Graffiti is a fresh one from me, Senator Ihenyen to all the budding, young, upcoming, fledging and emerging poets out there! I have specially created this page in my webblog as an open avenue where you, especially new Nigerian poets, can publish some of your poems and get feedback as well! You could call Poetry Graffiti a blogzine if you like!

All you need do is scratch your words or paint with words by just posting your poems, once in a while, on my comment board below, just the way a real graffiti works! Yes! Down there on the wall of my blog, and if I really like it, I will publish it in the Graffiti Wall where everyone out there in the street can see it!

You know I love it when it’s short and concise, sensational, shocking and excitingly rich! Just like a graffiti! However, if it’s too long, it will be cleaned off the wall. And if it is too dangerous to the health of good poetry (if I consider it a poor work), it will be sent to the cleaners by the Police – i.e. you will get a brutal and harsh comment which will be published beneath your poem for the public to see! So I encourage you to scratch down good poetry, not bad works that will attract deserving feedbacks, if not from the reading public, straight from me. Start scratching those words now, and possibly get comments from other writers and readers who get to come around my alley in this corner of the world!

Of course, for scratching words on a wall open to the public, I’ll call the Police! Don’t be scared, it is only in my alley you get to meet the Police that is truly your friend because in my alley the Police means the feedback you have secured for yourself for doing graffiti on my wall! Yes, I am going to be giving you feedbacks on any graffiti you scratch on my wall! But beware, such feedbacks, good, bad or ugly, will be published in the public for everyone to see! Apart from getting the Police response, you can even get to know one or two things about poets and poetry and all of that stuff at The Literary Ladder!

So what are you waiting for? Start scratching on those walls down there now! Remember, always do it craftily because the Police is around the corner!


2 thoughts on “Write poems and Instantly Get Comments!

  1. Fool at fifty. (for Nigeria)

    By Uzoma Nwaekpe Esq.

    She has been raped, ravaged and endlessly violated,
    Cursed by her own people,
    Yet her cake is large at fifty,
    The largest ever made I hear.
    Sordid lips of limpid venal leaders
    Would gather to empty their otiose breaths on its candles,
    And blow frills and frou frous abroud.

    On your golden jubilee, condolences…….

    May dirges,laments and sighs sound far into your nights
    And let songs of sorrow give birth to that day
    When your jubilee springs forth.

    On your golden jubilee, condolences…….

    So do we still strive after the mice
    while flames waltz on our roof tops,
    For the much we have done in half of a century
    Is but a half of the quarter of all we could have done.
    So I come to you patriots in all parts
    And to you exiled folks:
    How much longer shall we look in vain,
    As national carcinogens filch our lives away
    Like dumb flibbertigibbets,
    Unmindful of a destiny that is ours?
    Would we but stand,
    And watch how all nature stands with us
    To drive away the pyromaniacs and the yokels
    From their flippant, flimflam furnaces,
    And have their skullduggery stymied.
    For a fool at fifty is a fool forever,
    The stake would not change if that fool
    Is our violated and completely raped nation,
    With smears of putrefied semen, and orgasmic discharges
    Cast all over her face, trunk, and genitalia,
    From the rapists and coffer marauders
    Who have taken her hostage.

    On your golden jubilee, condolences…….

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